Real Creating

In this moment, I see so clearly the basis of real creation… For example, my belly feels big, it is bumping up against my pants, and I judge it. Focusing on the belly, in this case through thoughts of judgment, brings me more belly (which is not what I want!), because creation comes from our … More Real Creating

We create as we sow

This just came to me. It also came a few days ago. Right now, it came in the midst of reflecting on a current situation with a healing practitioner and her practice… I have a balance of pre-paid services that I haven’t used and was imagining a conversation with her in which I ask for … More We create as we sow

Getting out of the way

Played the best game of putt-putt golf I have ever played, a few weeks ago. In the past, I would look at the ball, look at the hole, look at the ball again, look at the hole again, and think something along the lines of, “come on, this isn’t that hard, I should be able … More Getting out of the way